All The Milton residents may submit normal non-emergency maintenance requests with this form. Please include all the information requested, as it is needed to send the form. We will respond to your request promptly.

In case of a maintenance emergency, please call 614-406-8986.
An emergency is defined as: fire, gas leak, sewer backup, stopped up toilet (if you only have one), no water, no heat, or anything that may cause personal or property damage. Thanks!

First and Last Name**



Day Phone**

Evening Phone**

Type of Pets**

If you have a dog(s) will they be crated or quartered in a room other than where repairs are needed?**

Alarm On?**

* Please note that if alarm is turned on we will call you at your daytime number to schedule an appointment or make sure the alarm has been shut down.

Do we have permission to enter your home?**

* Please note that if the answer is no we will call you at your daytime number to schedule an appointment.

Please describe in detail the type of problem and location of problem**


For your convenience, there are washers/dryers in every home.

To keep the interior of your refrigerator smelling fresh, clean with a baking soda and water solution. The exterior can easily be cleaned with a simple window cleaner.

Food particles left on dirty dishes may jam the dishwasher. Make certain dishes are scraped and rinsed under running water prior to placing the dishes in the racks. Please do not overload your dishwasher and be sure to use detergents made for automatic dishwashers.

To turn the icemaker on, make sure the metal bar is pushed down. To turn the icemaker off, release the metal bar to the upward position.

Always turn on the cold water before starting your disposal and feed waste in slowly. To keep your disposal in good working order, do not put metal, glass, plastic, grease, paper, cigarettes, bones, banana peels, oyster or clam shells, celery, corn husks, etc. in your disposal. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t chew it, neither can your disposal. If your disposal stops, check the reset button on the bottom of your disposal. If it does not restart, please contact the office and the maintenance team will make the appropriate repairs.

If there are any pipes leaking, faucets leaking or toilet tanks continually running, please report it to the membership office.
If the temperatures are below 25 degrees, please do the following to prevent your pipes from freezing: turn on faucet to allow a slow continuous drip, leave vanity and kitchen sink cabinets open and keep the apartment thermostat set at no less than 65 degrees

The sewer system is adequate to handle all normal drainage, however flushing the following items will result in damage: paper towels, facial tissue, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins (disposable Tampons are not disposable in the commode and much sewer damage is caused by them). Should the commode overflow, turn off the water supply to the tank by turning the handle located under the tank, and contact the membership office.

An individual thermostat controls each apartment. To ensure comfort and conserve energy, the thermostat should be set at one temperature and left there. HVAC filters will be replaced, by our maintenance team, semi-annually or upon your request. Return air grills should be kept clear of furniture, boxes, clothing, etc. as this would interfere with the delivery of air to your apartment and will impair the cooling and heating performance.